Bob Stanaland Shower Pans

4320 Orange Grove Ave. #A,
Sacramento, CA 95841

About Us

Bob Stanaland Shower Pans, Co. started in 1965 by Robert E. Stanaland and incorporated to Bob Stanaland Shower Pans, Inc. in 1985. Today the company is owned and operated by his son, Robert D. Stanaland.

Bob Stanaland Shower Pans, Inc. guarantees its shower pans for 10 years against any water leakage; provided that a water test on the membrane is conducted after installation to validate the guarantee.

Our Services Include

• Shower Base
• Shower Installation
• Shower Pan Liner
• Shower Floor Pan
• Hot Mop
• Shower Pan Hot Mop & Lots More!

Our number of years in business is a testament to “A Reputation built on Quality and Service.”

Bob Stanaland has also been featured on the DIY hit TV show, “Bath Crashers.”

License # 414746

Serving Sacramento, CA & Surrounding Areas.

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Bob Stanaland Shower Pans, Inc.

For all your shower pan needs! Licensed business #414746